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CPS Cases Attorney in Scottsdale

Protecting Your Family

Cases involving CPS, or Child Protective Services, can disrupt your family’s well-being and cause you and your children significant pain. If CPS is investigating your home or attempting to remove a child from your possession, you have rights. The skilled Scottsdale criminal defense attorney at The Stavris Law Firm can step in and defend you.

Your child’s health and safety are our priorities: When we begin working on your CPS case, we will analyze the situation to determine if there are any motivations for the CPS investigation other than your child’s best interest. We can use this to our advantage when building your defense.

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How a CPS Case Can Affect Your Family

Although CPS helps countless children escape from bad situations, the organization is legally required to investigate every report. This means that false claims of neglect or abuse are explored, even if they have absolutely no merit.

CPS might investigate your home if they are tipped off to or suspect:

  • Neglect of a child
  • Sexual abuse
  • The home is unfit for children
  • Emotional or physical abuse

After investigating your situation, CPS can make decisions that will significantly impact your family, such as removing children from your house. At The Stavris Law Firm, we strive to help you keep your family intact. Our Scottsdale criminal defense attorney has extensive experience protecting families from overreaching CPS investigations and charges and can defend your family on your behalf.

Upholding Your Rights & Fighting for Justice

If you are being investigated by CPS, you have rights, and we can help protect them. Keep in mind that CPS cannot perform a drug test without your consent and that you are allowed to request more time to review your rights before undergoing an investigation.

Consulting an attorney is your best course of action when faced with a CPS case. The Stavris Law Firm will be there when you need us to answer questions, inform you of your rights and options, and fight on your behalf.

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Courtroom Victories

Past Settlements & Verdicts

Whether in or out of the courtroom, justice is always our goal. We are proud of the progress that we've made towards making the legal system an even playing field. As a result of our approach to the cases we handle, we have repeatedly succeeded at getting charges against our clients reduced or dropped altogether.

  • Both Dismissed 2 Separate Petitions to Revoke Probation with Multiple Violations Alleged
  • Probation 4 Separate Cases with Charges
  • Probation,Released from Custody Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Assault, Disorderly Conduct
  • Probation Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Criminal Damage
  • Probation Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Disorderly Conduct with a Deadly Weapon, Assault, Criminal Damage
  • Charges Not Filed Child Molestation
  • Reversed CPS
  • Reversed on Appeal CPS - 2
  • Reversed on Appeal CPS - 3
  • Criminal Appeal

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